Cudicio - Pietra Piasentina

When it comes to the Piasentina Stone, we are talking about a really rare and exclusive material. This type of limestone stone can in fact only be found in a confined area of the Julian Pre-Alps, in a mountain complex that is located in the most Eastern area of Italy, about 100 kilometres from the lagoon of Venice. In nature the Piasentina Stone can be found in blocks of shapeless erratic boulders of unpredictable dimensions.

It has a medium-fine grain, with a colour dominated by grey and brown tones, embellished with white crystal veining and shades that tend to brown. Only thanks to the experience of its quarry and laboratory masters, the CUDICIO Piasentina Stone can offer a selected material and of highest quality. A work of excellence that can enrich any interior and exterior solution.


Cudicio - Pietra Piasentina
Friulana Marmi Snc
33040 Torreano - Udine - Italia - V. Giuseppe Piccaro, 18
Tel. 0039+432 715128 / 715213 - Fax 0039+432 715049
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