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Polished, Honed and Brushed finishes are not suitable to be used for outdoor flooring due to the particular sensitivity of the finish that makes it impossible to ensure maintenance over time of its original brilliance.

Customer care will be needed to maintain the installed surfaces. It is recommended to consider whether to perform, always by a competent specialists, also a non-stain hydro-repellent oil type protective treatment. Do not to use acid-based products for cleaning. For periodic cleaning of surfaces, we recommend using just water, possibly adding neutral detergents. In case of special stains, it is helpful to turn to experienced staff that can provide precise indications on products and usage.

Adhesives or mortar can be used for installation, remembering that being it a natural stone, it can have both granulometric and chromatic variability.

For other information please contact us directly. We will be pleased to answer all your doubts or questions.

Cudicio - Pietra Piasentina
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